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Bahamas Web Awards
The winners were announced at the Awards luncheon on December 8, 2005.

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.: Bahamas Web Awards FAQs

What is The Bahamas Web Awards?

The Bahamas Web Awards honor Web sites that excel at achieving their goals. These awards highlight the people and companies using the Web most effectively as a mature and critical business or communications tool. We honor the groundbreakers that set the standards for the industry and serve as role models for the best in the Bahamas Web industry.
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How long have The Bahamas Web Awards been honoring excellence on the Internet?

The Bahamas Web Awards is entering it's third year, with a mission to honor sites that the average user goes to daily for information, entertainment, community, products and services.

Why the Call for Entries?

To honor the Bahamas' best on the Web, we need to examine more than just the site itself. We need to understand the site's objective and strategic approach; how it is innovative; what resources were available to the developers; and how it has shown success. Thus the Call for Entries process enables us to gather information beyond what is merely visible on the site. It also dictates that only those sites that enter through the formal Call for Entries process can be considered.


When is the Call for Entries? What are the deadlines?

The Call for Entries for the Third Annual Bahamas Web Awards will begin Wednesday, June 1, 2005 and continue through midnight, Friday August 19, 2005.

When are nominees notified?

Owners of all Web sites nominated for The Bahamas Web Awards will receive an email informing them whether, or not, their site has been accepted into the 2005 Bahamas Web Awards competition.

Only sites whose nominations have been accepted will be notified beyond that.

When are winners announced?

Winners for the Bahamas Web Awards will be announced at an Awards Luncheon in December, 2005.

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Review & Judging Process

How does the judging process work?

A team of reviewers will initially disqualify any submissions that are incomplete, representative of sites that contain illicit material or engage in illegal activity or otherwise do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Accepted submissions will be evaluated against the published criteria by a nominations committee selected for their expertise in Internet business, marketing and relevant industries. They will determine the sites to be included in the final judging process. A prestigious panel of judges will evaluate the final nominees and select the winner for each of the 19 categories. The overall winner from all categories is the winner of the Grand Prize, the Best of The Bahamas Award. Each of the Category winners will also receive a trophy and prizes.

Who judges the Web sites?

Sites are reviewed by qualified persons carefully selected by the Bahamas B2B Advisory Council. They are both Bahamian and foreigners who are acclaimed artists, business persons or Internet professionals with extensive expertise in online business and marketing, or relevant industries - i.e. those industries represented by the awards categories.

Judges must excuse themselves from voting for any Web sites which they have had any personal or professional affiliation; they are prohibited from reviewing any of those sites. Judges examine sites according to The Bahamas Web Awards judging criteria and The Bahamas Web Awards regularly inspects their reviews for fairness and accuracy.

When is my site initially reviewed?

A site may be reviewed anytime after entry, and no later than the beginning of deliberation by the panel of judges.

When is my site actually judged?

Judging for the Judge's Selections will take place in September or October 2005, after the final deadline for Call for Entries expires.  The online People's Choice voting will begin in September, 2005 and run for approximately 30 days. Nominees will receive an official Web Awards icon to put on their site to encourage voting from their sites.

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On what criteria are the Bahamas Web Awards judged?

The Bahamas Web Awards are judged based on strategic criteria (objective, innovation, market situation, resources, success) and creative criteria (content, structure & navigation, visual design/branding, functionality, interactivity). Consult criteria definitions .

Are the sites submitted through The Call for Entries the only ones eligible for nomination?

Only sites submitted for The Bahamas Web Awards through the Call for Entries procedure are eligible for nomination.  Sites accepted into the contest are required to submit a registration fee and a strategic brief submitted by a representative of the site.


Entry & Eligibility

May sponsors of The Bahamas Web Awards submit their sites?

Sponsors of The Bahamas Web Awards may submit their own Web sites. The judging process ensures that such sites receive no special treatment.

Are non-English language sites eligible?

While non-English speaking Web sites are not explicitly ineligible, answers to questions posed in the 'strategic brief' must be submitted in English and sites will be evaluated by our predominantly English-speaking judges.

Are Flash? sites eligible?

Yes, sites made using Flash or containing Flash elements are eligible.

What types of content would make a site ineligible?

Ineligible sites are those that contain illegal materials or engage in illegal activities or otherwise do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Who wins the actual Bahamas Web Award?

The actual awards are given to the owners of the sites or their authorized representatives. Additional parties may be credited for the design or development of the site. All credits will be authorized with the official contact before they are released.



What categories are available for entry?

There are 7 Bahamas Web Awards categories ranging from Art & Culture to Tourism.

May I submit my site in multiple categories?

Yes! You may submit your site in as many categories as applicable. You must pay a separate entry fee for each category entered.  Plus, there is no limit to the number of different web site entries that may be submitted by any entrant. 

How can I determine to which category I should submit my site?

To determine what category your site is best suited for, read the category definitions.

Still unsure? Contact us with the URL of the site in question and a very brief description. We will review and reply with the category where your site would most aptly compete.


Password and Pay Sites

Can password protected sites be submitted?

Yes. Password protected sites are eligible as long as entrants provide a working username and password for reviewers and judging officials. All usernames and passwords will be kept secure and completely confidential.  Judges will agree to signing a non-disclosure agreement for password protected sites if the site owner requests it.

Can password protected sites that charge a fee for service be submitted?

Yes. Pay Sites that are protected by passwords may submit as long as entrants provided a working username and password for the free-evaluation by reviewers and judging officials.

We have a free password protected area - can we provide a password to your judges?

Yes. Please submit a working username and password for use by reviewers and judging officials for the evaluation of your entry.


Eligibility Dates

Are only sites launched in the last year eligible?

No. A site could have been launched any time - even 5 years ago. However, the initiative described in the strategic brief (e.g. redesign, promotional campaign, technical upgrade) must have been completed in the last year (12 months).

When must a site be live in order to be eligible?

For the 2005 contest, a site and the initiative described in the strategic brief must be live between the day it is submitted and October 30th, 2005.

My site is launching next month - can I submit it now?

Sites are eligible for review at any time after they are submitted. Sites that are not live should not be submitted until they have been launched. In the event that a site or initiative does not launch until after The Call for Entries concludes, no special considerations or arrangements can be made to ensure that the site is only reviewed once its live.


Billing & Security

How much does it cost to enter?

The registration fees below can are due with the submission of the final entry form. Online payments are preferred.

Each Site, per category - $25
Discounted Categories* - $15 

* In order to support a vibrant web community, the charitable-organization, personal and student web site categories may be entered for $15.

Do sites have to enter to win?

Yes. Sites must be submitted through the Call for Entries to be guaranteed review and consideration by The Bahamas Web Awards.


Is my information confidential?

Yes. We understand that final entrants will be submitting sensitive and classified materials. For this reason, all information will be kept secure and completely confidential. Information will only be shared with reviewers, judging panels, and if necessary Bahamas Web Award officials. Judges, reviewers and Web Award officials involved will be required to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement, and Judges will be instructed to only discuss the contents of an entry among other judges in their group. Review our confidentiality policy.


Who should I contact if I need further help?

If you have any questions or concerns about your entry please fell free to contact us. You will receive a confirmation from us via email within 1 business day of receipt of your email.

The Bahamas Web Awards
P.O. Box N-405
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