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Bahamas Web Awards
The winners were announced at the Awards luncheon on December 8, 2005.

Award Categories

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The Bahamas Web Awards will follow a five-step process to determine this year's winners:

  1. Submission of Entry

  2. Validation

  3. Screening

  4. Semi-Finals

  5. Finals

Submission Of Entry

Entries are submitted by the site's owner or site's web developer.

To be eligible, a site must comply with the eligibility requirements and rules of the Bahamas Web Awards, including: (a) have a majority of Bahamas-oriented content or have been created by a Bahamian company or individual (including Bahamians living abroad); (b) not contain what's generally considered as illegal or offensive material, e.g., pornography, violence, plagiarism, hate sites; and (c) be accessible to the general public.

To submit an entry, participants must perform three things:

1. They must submit complete and correct information in the online entry form. In addition to the URL and basic contact information, the entry form will ask you to complete a "strategic brief" related to the objective, strategy, resources and results of your site. This brief must accompany all submissions.

To prepare these answers before entering, please review the final entry form. Return to the online entry form when you are prepared to complete it.

Incomplete entry forms will not be processed. Information that is proven later on to be false any time during the process will be subject to disqualification.

We understand that your strategic brief may include highly sensitive or classified information. For this reason, all information contained in your brief will be kept secure and completely confidential.
Read our Confidentiality Policy.

2. They must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Bahamas Web Awards. 

3. They must pay an entry fee of US$25.00 for all categories except the Charitable Organizations, Personal and Student-Designed categories (entry fee is $15.00). The entry fee can be made online or through a designated bank account. 

Participants must choose the right category by carefully reading the category descriptions. Entries with the wrong category are at risk of being re-categorized or disqualified during the screening stage. 

For password protected sites, the judges require participants to provide a test or demo account (username and password) to allow the judges to evaluate the site thoroughly. 

Entries must be submitted online and payment must be made prior to the deadline of submission of entry.



Online purchase of the entry fee is via For payment via our designated bank account, the participant must first contact us then, after making the payment, fax the deposit slip indicating the site name, category, contact person, and contact information to the fax number provided in the email we send you with the payment instructions.

The entry fee must be the correct amount (US$25.00 for all categories except the Charitable Organizations, Personal and Student Designed categories (entry fee is US$15.00). Any discrepancy (example: an entry in the Real Estate category paying US15.00 instead of US25.00) will be subject to disqualification and the entry fee will be forfeited.

Entries are added to the list of official entries once the payment is validated. Participants will receive an e-mail confirmation of their official status. A list of official entries can also be viewed online.


Official entries will undergo a screening process to check if they comply within the eligibility parameters set by the organizers. A set of screeners, along with a technical committee, will determine the sites' eligibility.

If the site violates any of the eligibility requirements (example: the site does not contain a majority of Bahamas-oriented content or was not created by a Bahamian company or individual), it can be disqualified at any time during the process. In case the winner is proven to have violated any of the eligibility requirements within thirty (30) days of the announcement of winners, the winner will be declared invalid and will be required to return the trophy/plaque and the prizes to the Bahamas Web Awards organizers. The site that scored second will be declared the official winner.

The screening process also involves identifying a site according to its appropriate categories. If the screeners decide that an entry does not belong to the category where it was submitted, they can move it to another category or disqualify the entry.




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